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Organic Brows Soap

Organic Brows Soap

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Enhance your natural beauty with our eyebrow soap, the secret to perfectly shaped and defined brows.


Argan oil, Sweet almond oil, Castor oil, Vitamin E 


Brow Perfection: Instant thickening effect and perfect brow definition.
Hair Growth: Our special formula promotes healthy hair growth for a fuller look.
Zero mess and easy to use: Our organic soap brows is formulated to quickly lock brows in place and to last for hours. 
How to use:
  1. Take your favorite facial mist and spray it directly into the tin. Then, gently rub the spoolie in the tin, ensuring that it becomes paste-like. Remember not to make the brow soap too wet, so just one spritz of mist is sufficient.
  2.  Using the loaded spoolie, brush through your eyebrows in an upward direction. Make sure to coat all the hairs with the brow styling paste.
  3.  Allow the product to sit on your brows for approximately a minute. This gives it time to set.
  4. Check for any excess product on your brows. Gently use your fingertip to remove any extra paste and move any stray hairs into place.



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